Announcing: Distributed Research Lab
August 21, 2012 — 4:44

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The technological and social networks that increasingly define information exchange and knowledge growth have transformed many aspects of society, including how people organize politically, how businesses operate, how content is created and shared, and how people teach and learn.

In education, the transition to distributed networks for teaching and learning has been slow, but is becoming more pronounced as education startups and new pedagogical models gain hold. Open educational resources and open courses have ignited new potential for teaching: open, accessible, and global.

Just as educators and trainers are conceiving of new teaching models, new models of research are now possible due to our global social and technical networks. We are pleased to announce the formation of an international research network where educators and students can connect, share, and collaborate in advancing three specific areas of research: social and technological networks, analytics and adaptive learning, and future learning models. The distributed lab augments existing support that doctoral students receive from their supervisors and is not intended to replace the professor/student relations in traditional research settings.

If you are interested in joining the distributed research project as a doctoral student or as a research lead, please contact George Siemens or Simon Buckingham Shum.